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My Music Businesses has been created to publish and distribute books for the Music Business.

My Music Businesses is written and produced by Palomine. Palomine is a group of like-minded professionals within the Music Business. Palomine produces a number of books that are in extreme detail to help music professionals. Palomine exists in social media, emails, and a number of books which are the main funding source for all activities. When you see Palomine, you can be assured that the latest and the best advice is being brought to you.  Mark Edward Rowland is the producer that implements Palomine. Mark Edward Rowland is CEO and president of Progressive Ideas In Computing, LLC. Mark Edward Rowland can be reached at You can visit the Facebook Page which is the focal point of all activities related to Palomine. Please join the FB page and enjoy yourself by hooking up with the latest Palomine books, learning, asking questions, and sharing your experiences.

My Music Businesses is a subsidiary of Progressive Ideas In Computing, LLC. It was formed on February 14, 2022 along with Progressive Ideas In Computing, LLC.