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My Music Businesses

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Welcome to the My Music Businesses

My Music Businesses is written and produced by Palomine. Palomine is a group of like-minded professionals within the Music Business.

Thank you so much for taking the time to purview our website. The purpose of this website is to provide you with excellent detailed books with content that you can’t find elsewhere. When we publish a book, we offer it here. We are sure that the contents inside each book will enrich your music career. If the book doesn’t meet your expectations, please enter a comment on the Contact Us menu option. Again, thanks so much for letting us help you in your music career. We know that that’s a bold statement, but we intend to deliver. If for some reason you find a problem or just want to help us with this website, please use the Feedback form at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

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My Music Businesses is written and produced by Palomine. Palomine is a group of like-minded professionals within the Music Business. Palomine produces a number of books that are in extreme detail to help music professionals. Palomine exists in social media, emails, and create a number of books which are the main funding source for all activities. When you see Palomine, you can be assured that the latest and the best advice is being brought to you. Mark Edward Rowland is the producer that implements Palomine. Mark Edward Rowland is CEO and president of Progressive Ideas In Computing, LLC. Mark Edward Rowland can be reached at You can visit the FB page: (20+) My Music Businesses | Facebook which is the focal point of all activities related to Palomine and the music business.

Please access the FB page and enjoy yourself by hooking up with the latest Palomine books, learning, asking questions, and sharing your music experiences.

Before you buy, please read the following...

We are sure you will find the contents of the book to be rewarding for your music career. After you buy one of the books, please make a winning review. Reviews are the lifeblood of our business.

My music businesses 2nd book My Music business: Creating A Perfect Support Team 2022 The Essential guide
Coming Soon for books that are not yet written
Coming Soon for books that are not yet written

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